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Midland MicroMobile MXT100 GMRS radio

My wife and I moved from New York to Arizona driving separate vehicles. We had a 2015 Toyota RAV4 with a 1 year old German Shorthair Pointer puppy towing a 5×8 enclosed U-Haul trailer equipped with a Midland X-Talker T61. The other car was a 2014 Volkswagen CC with the Midland MicroMobile MXT100. Our journey took us over 2,300 miles over 5 days, about 48 hours of driving. The Midland MXT100 GMRS radio provided us with the ability to travel safely and keep open communication. The average person would assume in 2015 this could be done with cell phones not realizing many areas on┬álong road trips don’t have gas stations let alone cell phone towers. We were very pleased with our ability to chat throughout the trip about puppy potty breaks, assisting with lane changes, trailer sway issues, and fuel stops. This radio performed exactly as expected. I would highly…

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